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Interactive Fiction
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This is a community I've created for the purpose of creating shared fiction. The concept is pretty simple. Someone posts a paragraph or two, the beginning of a story that they want to create along with the community. Someone else posts a reply to the story, which is replied to in turn by someone else, and so on, until we have a story.

Posters beginning a new thread should clarify whether they want to work with just one co-writer on just one thread, several people on one thread, or several people on multiple threads. I, the moderator, have no intention of limiting the subject matter, and personally will tend toward erotica in many of my own posts. I strongly encourage you to contribute.

There are a few rules. One, keep stray comments out of the middle of story threads. Start a new sub-thread if you want to comment on a story. Respect the wishes of the person that started the thread, and do not split off on tangents, or create a new sub-thread when they do not want one. Generally, common sense politeness is the order of the day. People who can't be polite will be removed and banned. I'm pretty tolerant, but...