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A BTVS Angel Fic

A Buffy and Angel fic


Title: The Last Few Moments Before She Knew They Faded (Parts 1-3)

Author: Strange Bint

Rating: T (Teen) so-far

Summary: Buffy is enjoying her knew life in Rome when she has to deal with some unexpected guests.

Notes: 1) I'm just putting the link below because I have an awful time trying to post fic on LJ
2) This is a Buffy-Centered Fic. It is all from Buffy's POV. However, Spike and Faith are a big part of the fic so I'm posting this on Spike and Faith boards.
3) I also am posting it on the Crossover board because there is a lot of discussion of what happened on "Angel" with Buffy, thus making it a crossover.
4) This fic is also going in song fic because song titles tie into the chapter titles and themes.
5) If you are the community monitor and feel the fic doesn't belong on the board let me know.

6) This fic will interest you if you like the following pairings and or interactions:

Buffy/Angel***, Giles & Buffy, Buffy & Faith, Faith & Spike, Spike& Dawn, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Immortal, Kennedy & Faith**

**A slash indicates romantic paring and a "&" indicates friendship

*** While Buffy/Angel is mentioned in this fic Angel doesn't appear in the fic...yet



Jody AKA Strange Bint
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