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Mikz n' Trikz

The Joy of Domination

Hi! New to the community, thought we'd start off here with a short dribble about female domination... not quite what you'd expect.
Hope it's all done correctly and hope you all enjoy! :)

Oh and I hope it's not too hardcore or anything. Since I haven't had time to browse I'm not quite sure if this place allows these types of posts.

Title: The Joy of Domination
Author(s): Luphoria Studios by Mikz n' Trikz
Rating: Mature Content. Contains BDSM/ Bondage
Link to original post here: http://fragmentsofsin.blogspot.com/2007/10/joy-of-domination.html

She felt the ropes tighten around her wrists. The strap was delivering fresh licks on her tender breasts; focusing its attention first on one, then the other, followed by a sleek wet sensation that sent waves of electric shock through her veins. The licks came again, faster, torturing her skin till it was flushed red and swollen; then that cool sensation, again, pulling at her senses, something moist touching her, making its way inside, liquifying her senses.  

It mattered not if she spoke, if she cried out, if she whimpered and screamed. Words had no purpose, sound was futile. When the ropes singed her skin she merely bit her lips till the soft flesh bled slightly, this guaranteed a few more licks from the strap, another round of wet sensations, until her lips were teased by his hot breath. Finally... perhaps now... again the ropes tightened. There was no clothing left on her now. The demure skirt tossed aside, the crisp white blouse discarded somewhere. There was nothing but the licks and the burns followed by his wet tongue, his probing fingers drenched.  

She ached for it, but she would be damned if she cried, if she begged, if tears fell from her eyes. It was what he wanted, her utter submission, her surrender. She could not, would not stand for it. She would not let him see through her; nothing but contempt, regret, disgust, at his scent, the fire of the strap, the pulsing fingers that teased her insides, the mouth that slid slowly within the crease that lay between her legs, robbing her of her juices, catapulting her into madness.  

A few drops fell on her inner thigh, the sensation was alluring, the drops were cool to the skin and she could feel his long hair gracing the skin as his head lifted. Her eyes, covered until now, could only discern a faint glow. Her ears captured the stillness, her skin felt the trembling of his hand and the drops kept falling on her thighs. 

She smiled in utter satisfaction, the corner of her lips more criminal than just plain wicked. She couldn't resist the urge, "Say it", it was her first command. She heard him exhale slowly, and the trembling stopped. 

"As you wish"


"...Anything you wish... I love you" 

Oh how she had broken him.  

"And now?" 

He began to remove the ropes from her, which she abruptly stopped. 

"You're not done yet"

A pause, he sighed. The ropes tightening once more. "Must this go on?" 

The answer came in the shape of a smirk. He took the strap and the licks came again, stronger, certain, lightning fast, and with it the sharp intakes of breath, the reddened skin. She gasped in pleasure now, liberated, as his tongue delved deep inside.  The ropes binding her, unable to move. Her face flushed with excitement. His fingers trembling slightly. 

Ah, the joy of domination.

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