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9th May, 2009. 4:36 pm. Update on MA thesis on HP fan fiction(sociologistff)


With this message, I would like to thank all of you who answered my questionnaire at http://fanfiction.frontexperts.com (see the original message below) and have given me helpful feedback. Many of you who sent me emails with comments let me know that my questionnaire did not fully embrace your experience with fan fiction. Because a survey is a highly standardized research instrument, there was no way of avoiding this problem but I decided to broaden my research design according to the concerns conveyed to me. Thus, I would like to conduct a group discussion with fan fiction authors where they will have the opportunity to freely talk about their experience without being bound by narrow questions like in the survey.

Therefore, I am looking for Harry Potter fan fiction authors who will attend the LeakyCon 2009 from May 21st-24th in Boston and who would be willing to get together for an hour or two as a group to discuss their experience with me and the other fan fiction authors. As far as I can tell from the LeakyCon schedule, Saturday morning would probably work best to meet for the discussion. Also, it would give us a chance to get to know each other on Thursday or Friday. I will provide a space at the hotel where we will be undisturbed and make sure we have drinks and snacks. A group of 8-12 people would work best but if there are too few people for a group discussion, I would be happy to meet with any of you informally at LeakyCon to talk about your experience as a fan fiction author.

By participating in a group discussion, you would make an immense contribution to the quality and accuracy of my research. I am looking forward to meeting you in person and hearing about your life in Harry Potter fan fiction. If you want to participate please let me know until May 19th by replying to this message or at fanfictions@ gmx.net or petra.baumann@edu.uni-graz.at.

Thank you so much for your repeated help!

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16th April, 2009. 12:56 am. Harry Potter Fan Fiction - Help with MA thesis!(sociologistff)

I hope it's OK that I'm posting this message here. I do not have any financial interest whatsoever, this message regards academic research only!

My name is Petra Baumann and I’m doing research for my master’s thesis in sociology on Harry Potter fan fiction at the University of Graz, Austria. As a sociologist, I am especially interested in the social background of fan fiction authors: where they come from, how old they are, etc. Through my research I found that, many studies on fan fiction are done in the fields of literary studies, women studies, or cultural studies but there are very little sociological data available, especially on the Harry Potter fan fiction community.

In order to gather sociological data on Harry Potter fan fiction authors, I developed a short online questionnaire. If you are an author of Harry Potter fan fiction you would immensely help me with my research if you could answer this questionnaire at

The questions will take about 10 minutes to answer and there will be no spam or advertising when you click the link. The evaluation is done anonymously and the data will be used solely for academic research. If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or my research please feel free to contact me at fanfictions@gmx.net or visit my LifeJournal.

Thank you!

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1st December, 2008. 3:14 pm. Erotic Email Exchange ??(ben_dover4me)


This Male enjoys exchanging erotic emails with literate women, perhaps such as yourself for role-play purposes. Someone who knows something about grammar, and punctuation. I'm not looking for a slam-bam thank-you ma'am type of exchange, but rather lengthy, detailed chapters to a story we write together, using ourselves as primary characters. A role-play scenario where we can be whomever we want, any age we want, any size we want, any race we want. I have no desire to meet, IM/PM, exchange photos or chat via telephone. Together we can write a story, each submitting subsequent chapters.


Who would you like to be?


Perhaps the horny trophy wife whose much older husband provides for you financially but not sexually. As a result, you set your sights on the teenage boy who mows your lawn, wondering if he can provide the services your husband doesn't...


Are you a secretary who daily pushes the envelope of what is and isn't proper office attire, hoping your boss will ask you to close the door behind you and take dick-tation. Perhaps bending over at the file cabinet in your tight skirts, stockings and heels has finally paid off...


Maybe you are a massage therapist who realizes that if you modify your attire your tips will increase. You also decide it will help to use more than your hands to make sure your male clients leave your studio fully released from stress, rid of all their pent-up stiffness, doing whatever it takes to assure all of his hard muscles are relieved...


Are you the schoolgirl who wishes the mature, widowed man next door would teach you all the things you aren't learning in school. Now that your breasts are beginning to bud and your hips flair, you've taken to leaving your bedroom drapes open 24/7 hoping he will notice, trying to decide if you should seduce him, or would you rather he be the aggressor and perhaps 'take you'...


No doubt you've got ideas of your own, which I would gladly consider.


Who would you like to be ???

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19th October, 2007. 12:12 am. The Joy of Domination(mikzntrikz)

Hi! New to the community, thought we'd start off here with a short dribble about female domination... not quite what you'd expect.
Hope it's all done correctly and hope you all enjoy! :)

Oh and I hope it's not too hardcore or anything. Since I haven't had time to browse I'm not quite sure if this place allows these types of posts.

Title: The Joy of Domination
Author(s): Luphoria Studios by Mikz n' Trikz
Rating: Mature Content. Contains BDSM/ Bondage
Link to original post here: http://fragmentsofsin.blogspot.com/2007/10/joy-of-domination.html

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11th September, 2005. 6:09 pm.(mandy__ashford)

Would anyone here be interested in joining a LiveJournal based celebrity role playing game? Check out notquiteceleb or contact NotQuiteCelebrity@yahoo.com for more information!

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15th June, 2005. 5:46 pm. This has fic challenges, Ep observations and then just goes stream of consciousness on Tim Minear(strangebint)

This has fic challenges, Ep observations and then just goes stream of consciousness on Tim Minear

Read more...Collapse )

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1st June, 2005. 9:24 pm. A BTVS Angel Fic(strangebint)

A Buffy and Angel fic

***FIC LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2358775/1/

Title: The Last Few Moments Before She Knew They Faded (Parts 1-3)

Author: Strange Bint

Rating: T (Teen) so-far

Summary: Buffy is enjoying her knew life in Rome when she has to deal with some unexpected guests.

Notes: 1) I'm just putting the link below because I have an awful time trying to post fic on LJ
2) This is a Buffy-Centered Fic. It is all from Buffy's POV. However, Spike and Faith are a big part of the fic so I'm posting this on Spike and Faith boards.
3) I also am posting it on the Crossover board because there is a lot of discussion of what happened on "Angel" with Buffy, thus making it a crossover.
4) This fic is also going in song fic because song titles tie into the chapter titles and themes.
5) If you are the community monitor and feel the fic doesn't belong on the board let me know.

6) This fic will interest you if you like the following pairings and or interactions:

Buffy/Angel***, Giles & Buffy, Buffy & Faith, Faith & Spike, Spike& Dawn, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Immortal, Kennedy & Faith**

**A slash indicates romantic paring and a "&" indicates friendship

*** While Buffy/Angel is mentioned in this fic Angel doesn't appear in the fic...yet


***FIC LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2358775/1/

Jody AKA Strange Bint

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